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Welcome to my website. My name is Jennifer Boriss, but I typically go by Boriss.

12.9.07: The job search is over! I've accepted a job with Mozilla, the people that brought you everyone's favorite browser. Thank you to all the companies who flew me around and fed me over the past few months. I met many incredible people through this process with fantastic ideas about the future of interaction and technology. You all made this decision so difficult.

That said, I'm confident that I made a good decision and am enormously excited about beginning work at Mozilla this Spring. Firefox has some very interesting challenges ahead of it - I believe we'll see our concept of the browser redefined over the next few years.

I'll likely be creating a legitimate blog aside from this website to post about Firefox work and get feedback, but not for a few months. First I'm going to travel around the world.

10.18.07: I'm back in Pittsburgh and on the job search now, so I'll be gradually updating my portfolio page. Also, I've decided to go ahead and develop I haven't decided what specifically I'm going to do with it, but the sketchpad is out.

2.4.07: This site is now linked to

12.4.06: I've been playing around with Processing, and open-source programming language by Ben Fry, which lets you code visual, interactive applets like the one below. Here's a few I've worked on.

Note on Scrolling
On this site, most pages are long and vertical. You will have to do a lot of scrolling. Already I can feel you judging me. You may ask, how can anyone with an interest in usability force me, the user, to scroll for information? The answer is that I like scrolling. I like the whizzing noise my mouse-wheel makes and I like the gradual reveal. It's often best usability-wise to make all information easily viewable with minimal work required, but this is my personal site and I like scrolling. So there.

So What is This About?

I attend Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, attending the accelerated Master's of Human-Computer Interaction program. I'm interested in the interaction between users and their technology, and how this interaction will change over time. I enjoy creating technology which both provides useful tools to the end-user and creates emotionally satisfying experiences.

In my free time, I draw, read, travel, drink coffee, and explore above and below ground.