LinkedIn Accidentally Sends Private Email to Group List

A few minutes ago, I got a message from LinkedIn via the Bay-Area-UX list, a group I’m a member of.  The message is clearly not intended for me, but is a private discussion between a recruiter and a job applicant.  It potentially went out to every member of the Bay-Area-UX list.

I clicked “View/reply to this message” in order to notify the sender that his email had been mis-sent,  and I saw the following error:

This is a serious problem from a site which prides itself on security and privacy.  Hopefully this is a one-off error and not a common occurrence.  The conversation I received is clearly about a startup whose business is still under wraps.  All it takes is one mistake like this to ruin a business model and potentially the success of a fledgling startup.

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  1. Hmm, privacy error — or clever spam?

  2. Or: even if Plaxo, Facebook and others repeatedly ask to be let at your address book as “the easiest and fastest way to find new friends”, keep them out.

  3. Calum says:

    Sure looks like spam to me.

  4. Justadude says:

    Sigh. It seems the UX team is more worried about criticizing LinkedIn poor privacy controls rather than contributing to Firefox 4 development and release.

  5. Mark Adler says:

    We have them all and the prices are low. This week we are selling most complete lists for under $100. Contact me here for details: mark@greatdatadirect.Co.CC

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