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  1. Still one of only ~4 sites I must browse in Chrome because my Firefox anti-nastiness protections break the login process.

    (I suspect it’s the disabled 3rd-party cookies in this case. Disqus is another one because it doesn’t like browsers that navigate the current tab when a mouse click results in a window.open() call.)

    Still doesn’t work properly with KeePass2 because there’s no reddit-wide substring in the page title that I can match against.

    I really need to get around to reporting those.

  2. You could further improve it by communicating the password rules in the UI at the time of account creation:


  3. Oliver Keyes says:

    This looks awesome! Re the captchas, have you lot seen/experimented with invisible captchas? See https://github.com/stevenbristol/less-reverse-captcha – it’s invisible to humans and only visible to bots, so it offers the opportunity to catch evil-doers without bothering actual people.

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