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HTML 5 video tag, pirate edition

Ahoy mateys of the open source seas! Here’s another thing coming in Firefox 3.1: open source HTML 5 video support! This is going to bring some cool new functionality to developers, such as being able to access video elements through the DOM, intersperse video with other web content, and manipulate playback with JavaScript – all without the need for lubber bilge monkey plugins (see blizzard’s post).

A project I took over from the comely wench Wei was to design the controls for the video tag. So, how should they look? The first design iterations focused on geling with Firefox’s overall branding. However, thinking the problem over, these video controls are different from Firefox’s chrome and menus because they appear in the content of a page itself. So, though maintaining Firefox’s brand look & feel throughout the browser is important, I think not interfering with web content is more important. To create “Firefoxy” controls on videos would essentially brand a user’s videos. So, I’m proposing something more neutral and would love feedback: